June 03, 2004

What should I do with my day off?

I can't believe that I actually don't have anything to do today. What should I do? Sleep, maybe. Get in the pool, possibly this afternoon. Do yard work, most definitely not. Catch up on my blog reading, yes.

First off to Wil Wheaton's site. Now most of the time I enjoy Wil's take on things, but he is often negative and jaded from an industry that has treated him poorly. Specifically in this post, Wil refers to an interview he did. I think he is way off base. He goes off on lying, but keeps referring to the New York Times and credible sources. That's pretty funny considering their scandal a while back with plagiarism and just plain making up facts.

Then, I head over to A Small Victory to read about all the reasons why people think that Tenet is leaving the CIA. Some funny stuff.

Then, as I realize I'm hungry...the phone rings. Chris, from work, is outside to pickup the newly burned CD to deliver to the radio station. Well crap, I guess that means I did some work today.

Back to the thought that I'm hungry. What shall I eat? Oh yes. I have my leftovers from last night's tri tip from Rosie's.

...to be continued...

Posted by Marc at June 3, 2004 10:47 AM | TrackBack

Mmmm... Rosie's... :)

And if you need pool party participants, count me in! :D

Posted by: Gretchen on June 4, 2004 10:02 AM
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